Renting An Automatic Van

Renting an automatic van for your business

Having a van or an entire fleet at your disposal is a great business move, but can be more cost-effective for companies than an outright purchase.

Buying a van can give you a number of headaches such as maintenance costs, high monthly payments, and other factors. Choose to buy a second-hand van and you may get more than you bargained for – who knows what that van’s been through over the years?

The benefits of an automatic van

We have a number of fantastic vans available to hire at Capital Hire for businesses in the London area that are working to a budget and want the best van possible to represent their brand.

Better yet we also have an incredible range of automatic vans available on a rental basis that puts them in the price range of a number of businesses, whether a smaller start-up to more established companies looking to manage their own fleet.

Hiring a van – especially hiring a fleet – can take a number of overheads away from a business, including MOTs, part replacement, and more as the rental company will oversee those costs.

There are a number of reasons people choose automatic vans from simple personal preference to mobility restrictions and health and safety issues.

Hiring a van also helps businesses to better budget and work around set costs. Instead of worrying about maintenance and a number of other factors associated with buying a van or fleet, costs are laid out and set as part of the agreement, allowing the business to concentrate their energies elsewhere.

Automatic vans for your business

Why an automatic van with Capital Hire? An automatic van is a superb option for those that have only learnt to drive automatic vehicles and are worried about hiring a manual van to transport people and provide services.

Our vans can be hired for a day or on a longer-term basis, and can also be taken abroad if you choose European cover with us.

Automatic vans available to rent from Capital Hire include Volkswagens, Mercedes and more ranging from the small, versatile Caddy to larger Sprinter and Crafter models.

Renting an automatic van

Our automatic vans are available for any business needs you have. The Volkswagen Caddy for instance is a small van that’s excellent for transporting materials such as boxes, banners, partitions and more to local trade events.

If you work on a more national level and want to transport stock further afield then the Mercedes Sprinter may be what you’re looking for. It has enough space to hold larger loads than the Caddy and is a great option for mid-range trips.

For businesses that need to transport a lot of goods on a one-off or regular basis the Volkswagen Crafter Luton can carry large loads and even has a 500kg tail-lift to help with loading.

Our automatic vans are some of the most affordable in the London area with the flexibility to help small businesses operate and grow. If you’d like to learn more about getting an affordable automatic van with us contact the Capital Hire team and talk to us today!