Looking to buy a car? Try renting first

While there are few greater feelings in the world than actually owning your own vehicle, it can also be an incredibly frustrating and costly experience. When you’re old car has finally given up, most will be tempted to invest in a more-recent model – but this isn’t the best solution for everybody, at least not right away.

This is where renting provides a great alternative, and one you should consider. Here, we’re going to explain in detail the benefits of renting a car – instead of or before actually buying one.


Renting is obviously going to be a more expensive solution if you need to use a vehicle day-in day-out, but if this is not the case it could actually turn out to be a cheaper solution. Should you prefer to commute to work through public transportation, and only need a car every now and again, renting should be your preferred option.

You can get a quote from the Capital Hire homepage based on the vehicle you’d like to borrow and how long you’d like it for. Then, simply compare this to the price of a new car. You can be more flexible with renting too – if you need a car for a week, but not for the weekend, and then again the following week then this is possible.

Test Drive

Even if you’ve got your heart set on complete ownership of a vehicle, you might still want to consider renting for a little while. This will give you the chance to test it out, see what you like and don’t like before deciding whether or not it’s going to be worth the money.

You can hire your choice of transport for as little as a day or as long as you like – however long it takes for you to feel comfortable about your decision. Capital Hire offers regular cars, sports cars, executive cars, vans and camper vans – so you have plenty of options.

Other Advantages

The other benefits of renting instead of purchasing a car include:

  • Drive high-quality vehicles at a lower price.
  • Don’t worry about depreciation – If you buy a new car it will lose around 40 per cent of its value within a year.
  • No need to save up for a deposit or monthly repayments.
  • No need to worry about the general maintenance of the car.

Further Information

To find out more about how Capital Hire can cater to your needs, check out the services page by clicking here.

You can request a quote from the homepage, learn more about the company and even check out our latest offers.