Five Tips for Driving Long Distances Alone

Driving over a long distance can be tricky, particularly if you’ve never done it before. You can get tired, bored and even a little frustrated – all of which can have a negative effect on your driving ability. Here, we’ve compiled a list of tips for driving long distances alone.

Keep Yourself Entertained

As mentioned, boredom is one of the results of driving alone. With no friends to talk to, you must turn to other forms of entertainment – your own music, the radio, an audiobook – basically anything you can listen to. Visual forms of media are obviously going to be a distraction.

There are other ways to entertain yourself though, if none of the above is really for you. You can play games in your head (how many different types of car can you spot, for example) or plan for something exciting that’s happening soon in your life.

Take Refreshments

Taking a few snack-like items to eat on the way can be key. Driving on an empty stomach is not –advised, as you’ll lack the energy needed to go the distance. Pack a few chocolate bars and packs of crisps (or something healthier), and just ‘refuel’ every now and again.

Water and other drinks are essential too, as dehydration is a very real problem – especially if it’s hot. Make sure you’ve got plenty for the journey and you’ll have everything you need to get to your destination in a safe manner.

Maintain Your Car

Arguably one of the more important things to consider – make sure your car is in good condition so that it is actually capable of making the trip. If the vehicle is new, then this probably isn’t an issue. But otherwise, it’s best to double check or you could find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Specific things to check for include oil and water, but it’s also a good idea to check the tyres – particularly if they’ve been with the car since it was built. You should also ensure you’ve got the essential emergency items on hand – such as a first aid kit.

Get Some Air

This is for safety reasons more than anything else – make sure you get plenty of fresh air at various points during your journey. Consider rolling the window down for a short period, even if it’s cold outside. This will prevent you from feeling drowsy, which is a natural reaction on such a trip.

An alternative would be to stop the car altogether. Pull in at a service station or something similar, and give yourself a 15-20 minute break. Get out and stretch your legs – you’ll feel much more relaxed afterwards.

Go at a Steady Speed

Rushing isn’t going to be of any benefit, and going too slow will only frustrate you even further. Keep a steady speed throughout your journey and don’t worry about what time you arrive. If you’re truly concerned, then set off at a time that allows you to travel the speed limit while arriving at a suitable hour.

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