7 ways to entertain the kids on long road trips

So, you’ve got a big journey to take and the kids are along for the ride. How on earth are you going to keep them from kicking up a fuss when you’re driving for an hour or longer?

We feel your pain, and that’s why we put together this list of the seven best ways to keep the kids entertained on the road.


Bring a portable movie player or a tablet equipped with a few of their fave kid’s flicks. Don’t forget the headphones though!


There are lots of electronic gaming devices now on the market that can easily be played in the back of moving car. Just make sure the batteries are fully charged before you leave.


We know how that word sounds, but telling your kids that a peaceful car journey will be rewarded with a little treat upon arrival – be it a favourite dessert or a small toy – can work wonders.


This one comes with an advisory note; if your little ones tend to get car sick then books are a bad idea. If not, however, they can be an educational way to keep things quiet.


If the kids just have to make noise, then harness that energy into something fun. A nice family sing-a-long can be a great way to pass the time and involves everybody.

The Animal Game

This one only works if you are driving through a landscape with a decent variety of wildlife. Every time somebody spies an animal – be it a horse, cow, fly, bird or whatever – they get a point. It’s easy to play and not too raucous.

The Silence Game

If the ambition is to completely kill off the noise then try this one. The game is simple; two children say the call and response of ‘Did not’, ‘Did so’ over and over again, though each time they speak they must decrease in volume until it gets to a point that one cannot hear the other. If you can get them hooked on the Silence Game, you will be set for every car journey you ever take with your kids.