5 valuable Highway Code reminders

Hmmm, so you think you know your Highway Code eh?

Well, suffice it to say, for those of us who took our driving test many moons ago, we often fall into bad driving habits and tend to forget some crucial aspects of that important little book.

So here are 5 valuable reminders that will help you stay safer and drive better on the roads.

Carriageway speed limits

For those times when you see the national speed limit sign, here’s a reminder of what it means:
• Built up areas – 30 MPH
• Single carriageways – 60 MPH for cars and vans, 50 MPH for lorries
• Dual carriageways and motorways – 70 MPH for cars and vans, 60 MPH for lorries

Hazard lights

Only ever use hazard lights either when stationary and you’re are unable to move due to breakdown; don’t use them to park illegally. Or, if you need to slow down to a very slow pace or even a stop when on the motorway or fast dual carriageway.


Always give way to the right.

Even if road markings or traffic lights give you priority, always remember to check to your right before pulling out, just in case another vehicle has not observed the traffic directions.

Joining the motorway

When joining the motorway from a slip road, priority is always given to traffic already on the motorway. Although it’s common for vehicles on the motorway to move over or slow to allow vehicles to join, legally they don’t have to and if is not safe for them to do so you it is your responsibility to slow or stop until it is safe to join.

Overtaking cyclists and animals

You should always give cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders as much space as you would a car when overtaking. If there’s not enough room to do this safely, you shouldn’t overtake.

In the case of animals, make sure you also slow down, do not bib your horn and do not rev your engine, in order to avoid spooking them.

Happy driving folks!