10 things to avoid while driving

Even experienced drivers can have bad habits behind the wheel. There are lots of little things that you can easily find yourself doing that feel perfectly normal and natural, but which put you and others in danger when you’re on the road.

Here are 10 of the worst offenders…


Potential spillages or greasy fingers can cause very serious distractions and a loss of control.

There was a recent story in the metro about a driver eating a bowl of cereal whilst driving! Yes, a bowl of cereal – we kid you not!

Doing your makeup

The risk of trying to fix your eyeliner and lipstick in the rear-view mirror with one hand while you control your vehicle with the other is an obviously foolish one to run.

Changing outfits

When you start changing in and out of clothes, your hand is coming off the steering wheel, your feet are moving off the pedals and you can’t possibly react to unexpected incidents on the road.

Reaching for something

Once you try to grab something that’s not in your immediate reach, you take your view from the road and are no longer fully concentrating on driving.

Becoming aggressive

No matter how bad the people around you are driving or how many times they cut you off, restrain your emotions. Angry driving is unsafe driving.

Listening to headphones

Sound is almost as important as sight when you are driving. While the in-car radio blends with the noise from outside, headphones block it out entirely, taking away one of your most important senses.

Pets and children in the front of the car

However well behaved your pet or child is, they belong in the back seat. Sudden, unpredictable behaviour around you as you drive can cause a disaster.


Statistics regarding crashes caused by texting are quite terrifying to read. If that message really can’t wait until you arrive at your destination, park the car to read or send it.


Whether it’s a map, a magazine, a tablet or a phone, reading while driving is always exceptionally dangerous, so if you need to read, pull over safely first.

Driving when sleepy

If you have a long drive tomorrow, get plenty of sleep tonight. If you feel tired during the drive, pull over straight away to get some rest. Do not wait until you actually start nodding off to take action.

Though some of these things might seem natural, they are all potential killers when you are in control of a car. Cut these habits out and keep you and your passengers safe.